White Lace & Silver Tattoo Kit

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Temporary Body Painting Kits

Often referred to as “white henna” because of the henna-inspired designs created with the product, these White Lace Tattoos differ from true henna in that they actually sit on top of the skin. The tattoos are applied just like henna, but the mixture—which is made up of FDA-approved body paint and skin-safe adhesive—dries almost instantly once applied. White Lace Tattoos do not stain the skin, and they last 1–5 days.

By themselves, temporary tattoos created with the kit are as beautiful as lace—or you can apply silver glitter over your white henna design for extra dazzle! The White Lace & Silver Glitter Temporary Tattoo Kit is ideal for creating eye-catching festival body art or for special events such as parties, weddings, or vacations!

Each White & Silver Tattoo Kit Contents:
  • White Lace solution
  • Silver glitter
  • Corn starch
  • Applicator tip
  • Cotton ball
  • Small makeup brush
  • Sheet of tattoo design patterns
  • Complete printed instructions